I got it from my momma.

One can engage in the nature vs. nurture debate, but regardless of whether it be my genetic make-up or my life experiences that have shaped me, I am undeniably a rather accurate mix of both my father and my mother.  There are countless examples of both of my parents that are clearly displayed in who I have become, but today I am going to specifically focus on the characteristics that have guided me into my next phase of life.

From my mother, I inherited my love of all things non-wintery.  This love could probably be categorized as a hatred of the cold (and winter in general, endless shoveling, slippery sidewalks, etc.), but I figured I would try to put a positive twist on it.  I may be this way because I have her North Carolinian blood in my veins.  On the other hand, it may have developed from watching her flee from the winter to the beach, or from observing the multiple layers of underarmor she wore under her daily clothing for the long months of cold in Cleveland.  Whatever the cause, I will do just about anything to get away from the frigid midwest winters I have suffered through throughout my 21 years of life.

From my father, I have inherited an uninhibited need for adventure.  Under his example and guidance, I have nurtured an unusually strong desire to travel the world.  The WHOLE world.  To clarify, I probably won’t be happy until I have visited every one of the 196 countries the world has to offer.  Coupled with this attribute he has also handed down to me dangerous partner.  Some may call it boldness, others impulsiveness, others recklessness. I’ve always said that I’ve lived because of my dad, but I’m alive because of my mom.  Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit much of her caution.

Anyway, this crazy combination has led me to both the name and the reason for the creation of this blog:

Just Go.

I become restless in the MidWest.  It’s a serious issue.  I can’t stay here for more than a few months without getting an itch to go somewhere new.  And, unfortunately, I’m rather convinced that it’s a progressive disease.  I’ve figured out how to treat it, but have not yet found a way to cure it.  Said “treatments” have taken the form of vacations, trips, adventures.  That sums up the “Go” part, leaving me to explain the “Just.”

I tend to “just” go.  This takes different forms.  Sometimes I have a few weeks notice.  Sometimes I go without much of a plan.  Sometimes I venture to a place I know very little about.  Sometimes the adventure is going to a country in which I have zero connections.  In more extreme cases, the trip is a mix of several or all of these qualifications.

While some people may consider this irresponsible, I tend to find that it adds to the excitement, the experience, and the fun.  I’ve made this wise quote from author Grace Hopper a key phrase in my life: “A ship in port is safe; but that’s not what ships are built for.”

In preparing for my newest adventure, I have created this blog to share the stories, surprises, cultural tidbits, lessons, and other interesting knick-knacks that I know I will pick up along the way.  Accompanied by my mom’s love for the warmth and my dad’s love for adventure, I am moving to a little town outside of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and I would love to have you experience some of this adventure with me!


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