Pursuing the Extraordinary

If there is anything I love, it is crossing items off of a list.  Now, to be honest, this may not be the number one love in my life, but it definitely ranks right on up there with some of my favorite things. It really doesn’t matter what kind of list it might be.  Packing lists, to-do lists, invite lists – despite the content, I take special pleasure in knowing that I can cross off one more item.  I was the kind of child that, when packing for vacation, would write outfit 1, outfit 2, etc., so that I could “complete” things more frequently.  More recently, it translates into my teaching.  My to-do lists don’t have items such as “grade tests,” but instead “grade period one, grade period two…”  It is somehow more satisfying this way.

Potentially sprouting from my love of lists, I have always been interested in the idea of a Bucket List.  Mine tends to morph and grow depending on my current location and fascination, and has been rewritten many times in many places, but there are some things that have lasted throughout.

The most complete list I have is as follows:

  • visit all 7 continents
  • see Mount Rushmore
  • scuba dive the great barrier reef
  • ride an elephant
  • visit Chichen Itza
  • learn to water ski
  • visit all 50 states
  • celebrate El Día De Los Muertos in Mexico
  • own a motorcycle
  • climb the statue of liberty
  • be in attendance at the Olympics
  • partake in the largest watergun fight in the world (Thailand)
  • graduate from college
  • earn a Masters degree
  • earn a PhD
  • learn sign language
  • run with the bulls in Pamplona
  • take dance lessons
  • run a 10K
  • Go to the Louvre
  • Go to London
  • spend New Years Eve in Times Square
  • see the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  • climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower
  • experience the northern lights
  • skydive
  • see the Mona Lisa
  • attend a show on Broadway
  • tour St. Peter’s basilica
  • swim with sharks
  • live in a foreign country for at least a year
  • take part in Spain’s La Tomatina
  • experience the grand canyon 
  • go to Stonehenge, England
  • visit the Sydney Opera House
  • hike Machu Picchu
  • go white water rafting
  • visit the acropolis in Greece
  • find a job I love
  • hike the Amazon rainforest
  • memorize a book of the Bible
  • walk the great wall of China
  • learn the 5 Romanic languages
  • tour the colosseum
  • learn to surf
  • go to the Holy Lands
  • visit Victoria Falls
  • attend an opera
  • bike across the USA
  • see the White House
  • take a canopy tour
  • bungee jump
  • backpack Europe
  • see the Egyptian pyramids
  • cliff jump

Life tends to run away, dragging me with it.  In keeping up with the ordinary, it is easy to push the extraordinary out of the way.  My goal in having this bucket list is to seek out the extraordinary, to pursue those events that will make the incredible memories, the things that color life with big, bold strokes.

I encourage you to start your own bucket list! When you think of things that you want to do, don’t just wish that it would happen, but write it down and work toward making it happen!  If any of my goals interest you, jot them down on your own list. And, sharing in the other direction, do you have any suggestions for me, things that I should make sure to add to my bucket list?


4 thoughts on “Pursuing the Extraordinary

  1. Lisa Henry says:

    I love, love, love your adventurous spirit and desire to live life big! This will fall under your Holy Lands Trip, but be sure to swim in the Dead Sea as well as go in the tunnels at thr Temple Mount. Both are amazing!!!

  2. Your bucket list (and love of lists!) sounds quite similar to mine! I would suggest going for a hot air balloon ride, hiking Pictured Rocks National lake front, and visiting the Globe Theater! (:

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