Plans for Future Me

Usually, I tend to see the glass as half-full.  My roommate used to call me a “delusional optimist”, claiming that my ridiculously positive assumptions clouded the lens of reality in my life.  In more recent news, I’m tending to see my glass – or my calendar, that is – as half empty.  Although I have found some different things to fill my time with, I’ve definitely shifted down a few gears from my full-time teaching, Master’s student, having my own house life.  Now I sit at home and mom washes my dishes.  Not that I’m complaining.

  • I started boxing, and then started loving it. (Shout out to Empowering Punch!  They’re awesome… if you want to try a fun, new workout in the Cleveland area you should try them out.) 
  • Lots of 10-year-old baseball, thanks to my little brother, who keeps me generously supplied.
  • Skydiving!  My brother and I crossed that one off of our bucket lists today…pictures and (maybe) the story from that exciting event to follow.
  • One of my personal favorites: lots of dentist and doctor appointments.
  • Applying to waitress again?  Yes, that happened last week.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I was getting stir crazy.
  • Sifting through/sorting/throwing away old pictures and notes.  Endlessly entertaining.
  • But, most importantly, planning all of the crazy adventures future me is going to go on.  Here’s Asia:


For those of you who haven’t yet figured out where exactly Indonesia is, I’ll be on the red islands in the bottom right corner.  You must understand that there are two categories of future-me adventures.  First of all, trips that are actually happening within the next year or so, God willing:

1) Thailand


2) Singapore


3) Malaysia


4) Bali


5) The Philippines 


6) Japan


7) Korea


8) New Zealand


Needless to say, I am looking forward to my new life.  In my excitement over the ease of visiting these countries (and the cheap airfare I discovered!), I added a few more to the list of places I hope to go.  Unfortunately for future-self’s wallet and dreams of a real job, it is rapidly growing and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.  My wanderlust has begun to spread to South America and further, and post-Indonesia plans are already being tossed around in my head.  BUT the second category that I mentioned previously will, for now, remain a compilation of other East Asian countries and South Pacific islands that I want to visit.  This list includes, but is not/will not be limited to, India, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Fiji, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, and Maldives.  

Am I missing anything important?!  Thought I’d ask, since my wish list obviously isn’t long enough already. 

Admittedly, I borrowed these pictures.  But hopefully I will soon be writing to you about current, real-life adventures with my own pictures to compliment them!


3 thoughts on “Plans for Future Me

  1. Naomi says:

    Hong Kong for sure. Myanmar towards the bottom of the list, but put it on there too! Bagan is super beautiful and riding bikes in the desert is fun (when you don’t get lost and think that you are going to very possibly dehydrate yourself to death). And when you do go to India….I super highly recommend going to Rishikesh and staying in an Ashram and doing yoga! We woke up at 6:00 am every morning to do yoga, they fed us the most delicious ayurvedic food, and it was so quiet, peaceful, and beautiful along the northern part of the ganges. All for about $15 a day, bed, food, and yoga included!

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