A brief overview of Indonesian transportation.

If you are bored by repetitiveness, Indonesia would provide a wonderful travel experience for you.

There are endless ways to get from A to B.

Yesterday, four of my co-workers and I went furniture/decoration shopping in Kemang, a neighborhood in Jakarta.  In order to get there and around, we utilized many different modes of transportation.

We piled into a taksi (taxi),

Huddled in the back of a tuk tuk (a kind of covered, motor rickshaw),


Crowded onto a public bus,


Bounced through a angkot ride,


And rode on ojeks (the idea of a taxi, but one sits on the back of a moped).

I had more pictures for you, but the temporary internet (nearby coffee shop) that I am using until the acquisition of my new apartment is rather lacking and my patience has run out.

Happy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “A brief overview of Indonesian transportation.

    • Haha I do too! My favorite way to start the day. I don’t how it goes in real Indonesia (I live in a pretty Western bubble) but where I am the driver has to wear a helmet and the passenger does not. Hopefully I can avoid any lice!

  1. Naomi says:

    Well if I learned one valuable lesson in Asia, it is, that no matter what stupid things you do, you don’t die. But back to my point, the helmets downtown might be enforced, but I was there in 2009 when you were still but a small fry in a big world. But maybe they changed those laws… Maybe opt for the cushy Blue Bird Taksi instead.

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