Home Sweet Home

Good News!

I moved into my new apartment!  I live in a building called Menara Matahari – tower of the sun – in a wonderful part of Lippo Village.  Directly across the street is a strip of restaurants called Benton Junction; right behind them is a huge mall.

The bottom half of the building is compromised of offices, the top half of apartments.  I live on floor 50, though the number is a bit deceiving.  Much like the American fear of the number 13, the Chinese believe that the number 4 is unlucky.  Because I live in an area that has a high Chinese-Indonesian population, the building skipped every level with a 4 in it… 4, 14, 24, 34 and all of the 40s!  If I figured it right, I’m actually on the 37th level of the building.  Regardless, I have a beautiful view of the university, the city, and even the skyline of Jakarta.

Below are a few pictures of my before-decorations apartment.  The school gave me my own apartment (such a blessing!) with an extra bedroom, so if any of you have an itch to visit Indonesia let me know 🙂






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