Neighbor Bonding

Here in Indonesia, I live in the apartment over from another young, female teacher.

Over the past week (though it’s hard to believe I have really only been here 1 week), we have had quite the bonding experience.

First, we were put to live in the same dorm-type apartment while our apartments were finished.  Nothing out of the ordinary here, coming from a college situation.

On Sunday, we went to get massages.

SIDE NOTE: I have had so many people ask about “how hard must be!” to move to Indonesia.  I have been realizing recently that, in many ways, it is the move back to the states that will be difficult.  I am quickly growing accustomed to $5/hour massages (and pedicures, manicures, etc.).

Anyway, the masseuses led us into our curtained corners of the spa where we undressed and lay down for our massages.  After a few minutes, the Indonesian lady came in, grinning a huge, toothy grin.  Very proud of her stellar accommodations, she whipped open the curtain between us –  surprise couples’ massage!

Thankfully, new neighbor is actually very nice and an answer to the dear-God-I-really-want-someone-to-travel-with prayers that I’ve been praying as of late.  This said, though, can you imagine moving in and going for a couple’s massage with your neighbor? Count your blessings.


One thought on “Neighbor Bonding

  1. Naomi says:

    As the saying goes, “you aren’t really neighbors till you’ve seen them naked.” Ohhhh massage, I do miss thee with big sad heart.

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