Student Quote of the Day #1

Yesterday, after gym, I was walking behind two seventh grade boys.

I had foolishly expected 7th and 8th graders to be about the same size as my freshmen.  Not so.  They’re still shockingly small, and many of them are at that awesome, pudgy stage that comes immediately before one’s growth spurt.

It was their first day in the senior school, and they were eagerly gazing around as they walked, taking everything in with big eyes.

The shorter of the two looked out over the courtyard, observing the pool in the background, the students walking, and the sprinklers nurturing the grass.  Suddenly, his eyes grew even bigger, and he turned back to his friend excitedly.

“What if…” he started, slowly, his inflection communicating the share genius of his idea, “sprinklers shot out REAL SPRINKLES!?”

I already love this child.


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