Watching the Olympics, Indonesia Style

Indonesia has been trying to thwart my Olympics viewing, but I will not be stopped.

I LOVE the Olympics.  I watch them as avidly as life allows, enjoying every moment of every sport. I also love competition.  Unrelated: I love efficiency.

Throughout the past few days, I have learned things about the Indonesian culture.

1. They do not love the Olympics

2. They do not love competition.

3. They do not love efficiency.

After completing my paperwork for internet and cable about 3 weeks ago, I have been waiting for the installation crew to arrive and do the work.  Finally, they were scheduled to come on Thursday.  I went out and bought a TV on Wednesday, with the goal of taking in the Olympics.  Thursday I rushed home from school, as I had to be home for the men to work.  I waited six hours.  The team never showed.

Several more times throughout the weekend they were scheduled to come, but I was stood up on every occasion.  No one understood the importance of the Olympics!  Indonesia is a powerhouse in the sport of badminton, but is otherwise much less interested than I am.  I determined that I would have to take matters into my own hands, and last night, I watch the Olympics on TV.

In order to do so, I conducted many internet searches (most of the providers do not broadcast overseas), borrowed an apartment, stole internet, incorporated 2 power chords, 2 extension chords, 2 converters, 1 connecting chord between my computer and TV, and streamed the coverage from my laptop to my TV.  It was a mess of wires, but a fantastic night cheering on team USA.


For any of you who cannot watch the Olympics, whether you are waiting for your Indonesian cable providers or for some other reason, YouTube offers a fantastic channel that can be watched from many countries and provides highlights of the day that are about an hour long.

Also, I have a new hero. Vasiliki Meloussi, a Greek gymnast, is fantastic.

On another exciting note, the time difference from London to Jakarta means that the Olympics will be shown from the moment I arrive home from school until the moment I go to bed, and I will miss nothing while teaching.  It’s going to be a grand two weeks!


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