My Classroom in Pictures

With the first five days of school complete, things are starting to feel right.  I teach three English classes (two with a co-teacher), all of which I’ve seen the last five days.  Because of an inconsistent schedule day-to-day, I saw my three ESL classes for the first time today.  I’m very excited about teaching those classes!

Here are a few pictures of my (enormous!) classroom!  It still feels a bit bare bones, but it’s starting to become home.


Students will add words on leaves to the word tree as they use impressive vocabulary in their writing or find descriptive words in their reading.

Students have to complete a certain number of independent reading pages each semester, and must have their books approved by me before they can read a book for credit.

I only have one big class in my room, so I have been awarded the possibility of name tags!

Our “volume control”

The view from one of my three desks.

Here’s the classroom once more…


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