Miss Lauren has a boyfriend.

If you’ve never played telephone pictionary, you should.  A mix of two classic games, it more often than not ends in fits of hilarity and lots of laughter.  It’s a great game to play with family, friends… or your ESL class.

Due to their lower level of language and the insecurity that surrounds their English communication, ESL students tend to be more shy about verbalizing answers and questions in class and sharing their writing.  In an attempt to  make them more comfortable withboth of these things, we’ve been playing lots of silly games (which still include English work, secretly) in class.

Obviously, today’s choice was telephone pictionary.

While the kids learned that they are very capable of speaking up and allowing others to hear what they wrote, I discovered something about my romantic life.

Here is the progression of my students’ sentences and pictures:






Well, folks, there you have it:  I went from having a boyfriend to being a fat giant trying to hug a child.


2 thoughts on “Miss Lauren has a boyfriend.

  1. Donald and Elfriede Schaeffer says:

    Sure love your entries. This one reminds me of the fun we had at your house a few weeks ago. Miss you lots. Love Grandma

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