The Interesting Life.

A few pluses here that add some flare to my day…

1. I ride to work on the back of a motorcycle.  Side saddle.

2. Termites in my bulletin board sound like a nature-made rain stick.

3. Everyone can finally tell that I’m a teacher (seeing as I’m not Indonesian).

4. Somebody else washes all of the dishes in the break room.

5. Nobody even notices my squinty eyes anymore.

  • UPDATE: this is no longer true (since the making of this list).  A student told me yesterday that I have “creepy squinty eyes”.

6. The toilets have signs that remind you not to stand up on the toilet seat and squat to utilize them.  This is helpful when I forget that I shouldn’t do that.

7. I can watch every single match of Olympic badminton and ping pong.

8. I’m learning in which order I should say Korean names.  Trial and error.

9. There are four kinds of football, depending on what part of the world is being referred to.

10. All of the kids call me “Miss.” It’s like being Señorita again.  Except in English.


I really do love teaching here (already!), and my coworkers, students and administration are incredible.  Some time soon I’ll tell you all about the side of things that is a bit more serious 🙂


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