Thursdays tend to be rough, in my experience.  From a teachers point of view, it’s already been a long week, but it’s not Friday.  You want to squeeze in all of the material you can.  Kids are getting antsy.

Because of a strange schedule here, I only have two classes on Thursday.  Contrary to what one may think, this actually makes me more tired! I steal the kids energy – the more I see them, the more life I’ll have throughout the day.

This said, it’s fitting that Thursday morning started off the way it did.

I was in the middle of my shower when the power went out.  Not that big a deal, one doesn’t really need light to shower.  As I stepped out of the shower I fumbled around on the counter looking for something, and knocked my scissors off.  They stabbed me in the foot right between my toes.  It hurt, but I just kept on getting ready as best I could in the dark.  I trekked around my apartment like a blind woman, doing my best to make breakfast and do my hair with no electricity.  You learn to improvise.

After several minutes, the electricity came back on.  When my eyes got used to the light, I realized I had left bloody footprints everywhere!  By this point I really had to leave for school, so I haphazardly wiped some of it up, but definitely was not able to do a thorough job.  I’m sure my helper came in a wondered who had been murdered in my apartment!


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