Fruit Ninja.

In an attempt to be/survive without Tuti (my incredible house helper) for the next ten days, I went, as my neighbor put it, real life fruit ninja on my groceries.

Usually, Tuti shops for me and stocks my fridge with freshly cut fruits and veggies.  Much to my dismay, she remains on vacation until September 5th.  Coming back from my own holiday, I had an empty refrigerator and a grumbling stomach on the way back from school.

Having made the classic mistake of going food shopping while hungry, I may have gone a little overboard – my exploits ended up being more plentiful than originally planned. All of this, though, for less than $40 – and about half of that was from splurging on good cheese and yogurt 🙂


Needless to say, I’ll be supplied at least until Tuti returns!  I didn’t go too crazy with strange food this week, seeing as I would have no idea how to cut and prepare it!  Let me introduce you to a few of the more exotic fruits that I ended up with, though, following the general rule of I-need-to-know-its-name-so-I-can-youtube-instructions:


Image  Image


Image  Image



After a good bit of washing, cutting, portioning, and e-how consulting, I ended up with a pretty substantial garden selection at my fingertips for the week.  I’m sure it’ll do me good after the crazy mess I tried to eat this weekend! 🙂



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