A New Identity

I’ve had two rather comical developments in my life as of late.

I am now a student council sponsor AND a track coach.

Why is this entertaining, you ask?  I have absolutely no experience or training in either one of these positions.  That said, I’m rather excited to try my hand at them – I think this will be a neat way to get to know students better and to learn more about the school in different capacities.

On Tuesday I have my first track practice.  Today, I attended my first student council meeting.  I must say, the location wasn’t too shabby…

Image   Image

The founders of the school invited us to their nearby home for our first meeting of the year.  The grounds are absolutely incredible:  the house (mansion) sits in the middle of a golf course, with gardens stretching out amongst trees, plants, and pools.  Cushions and cabanas spotted the shaded corners of the residence, and we were able to split up and find little spots to rest and talk in this paradise hidden in the middle of our busy city.  Definitely not a boardroom meeting!

The student council is split into 8 divisions that are in charge of different functions.  I am sponsoring the Social Outreach Committee.  My team of students will seek to 1) unify the school, and 2) provide the students opportunities to serve those that do not have the same opportunities that they do.  Throughout the year we hope to spend time manicuring the nails of lonely women in nursing homes, host a children’s soccer tournament, have an appreciation day for the staff at the school, and much more!

Seeing the students’ hearts and passion was such an encouragement!  The focus for this year is transformation and unification, and these students have such a neat desire to aide the school in achieving these goals.  I’m excited to be a part of it!

Also, a Free Extra:

Because it’s hilarious.  An article in the newspaper today – this is how Chinese parents sent their quadruplet sons to their first day of school:

funny, photo of the day


One thought on “A New Identity

  1. Maureen says:

    You’re in charge of the Social Outreach committee and you say you have “no experience?” Are you kidding? You can make friends with a tree. A dead one. Nobody is more social than you. 🙂 Those lonely ladies in the nursing home don’t know what blessings await them when you walk through the door with that nail polish!

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