In order to round out an athletic, sun-burning weekend, I competed in another round of competitive ridiculousness today 🙂


I attend a wonderful church here that’s about 4 years old.  Most of the members are Indonesian, but the services are held in English, so it’s the perfect mix of comfortable and cultural for me.  One of the things that I love about this church is how incredibly accepting all of it’s members are – I felt like a part of the family the first day I was there, and have felt that way since.

Annually, they host a fun-filled “H[arvest]-Games” event, in which the seven Life Groups (small groups) compete against each other to win the title of honor for the year.

Today was the day.

I’m part of the Runners small group, made up mostly of singles that live in the Lippo Karawaci area.

Image Image

We participated in some pretty hilarious games.  The first was “Stocking Ninja”, a game in which I was a participant.  We all had to wear stockings with socks stuffed in the ends on our heads, then try to pull other peoples’ stockings off (without our hands) by engaging in some pretty intense head spinning.  Think, “I whip my hair back and forth”.

^ I’m over here in the left corner – I managed to steal 3 stockings 🙂

The second game was “Football Frenzy”, a spin off on soccer.  Players had to stay attached and move together to try to score on one of the other six goals.


At half time, our team was in first!


The second half of the day started with “What Did You Say”.  Our team was given a bowl of bananas with words on them, a flashlight, and a morse code key.  One team sat across the field and had to solve a riddle, then communicate the answer utilizing the flashlight and morse code.  The receiving team had to figure out the answer, then find and eat the banana that had the word written on it.

Image Image

After stuffing our faces with bananas, we moved on to the ultimate relay race.  We had to do all kinds of crazy things to complete this, before finally moving on to the game of honor: Tug of War.


Still holding on to our first place position, we had a free pass through the first round.  We made it to the final, but lost to Covenant (the really strong, mom-powered marrieds group) in the end.

Despite our Tug of War loss, we still managed to pull of a first place finish!


It was such a encouraging day of fellowship and memories, and a good reminder of the importance of community and having fun together.


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