Photos: Diving Bunaken Island

We ended up making a total of six dives in Manado, including the two that I talked about yesterday, a wreck dive, a dive into a cave, and two others around the coral near our island during which we got to try a bit of underwater photography.  Shots were really difficult to get between the water moving me around and the lack of light, but I included a few at the end of the post (some that I took, and some that I stole from a friend :)). This is a hobby that I would love to pursue! It was fun to get out of the water and look back at the animals we had seen, figuring out what they were with the help of our guides.

Touring the underwater shipwreck fulfilled a life-long dream!  We started out on this trek our second day, boating about 30 minutes out to a ship that cannot be found in any records, but is thought to be a Japanese fishing boat from the WWII era.  We were able to swim through the different compartments of the ship, inspect the propeller, and admire the multi-colored coral and countless fish that had made it their home.The whole thing felt like a movie set, with the murky water dispersing the light and giving things and eery glow.  You can check out pictures of our wreck dive at my colleague’s blog, she got some really neat shots!

ImageJimi, our wonderful SCUBA guide





ImagePorcupine Fish

ImagePhoto credit: Grace

ImageWe did some snorkeling, too … and I look like the little mermaid?

ImagePhoto credit: Grace

ImagePhoto credit: Grace

ImagePhoto credit: Grace

ImageTrumpet Fish



snail with no shellNudibranches (they’re like snails, but without shells)

ImageLion Fish


ImageEntering the cave on one of our dives

ImageScorpion fish… can you find him?

Underwater Photography


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