Are you my boyfriend?

This weekend, I was converted to the proud group of Android users.

Now please understand, this does not mean that my love affair with the iPhone has ended.  It simply is a result of the unfortunately ridiculous prices for said Apple product in Indonesia.  Because you don’t buy phones with a plan, you have to pay full price.

And I’m not about to drop $800 on an iPhone.

For this reason, I ended up with an LG phone, thanks to some brilliant, phone-savy friends.  Because I am not so technologically inclined, I’m still trying to figure out how to use it.  Which is harder when parts of the process are in Bahasa.

I was at the Electronics center in the mall, doing my best to buy a Sim card and internet plan for my new toy.  While the female employee set up the phone, the male worker decided to use me as a sounding board for his (very limited) English skills.

After some small talk (Where you from?  How long you in Indonesia?  You married?), he cut straight to the point.

“Are you my boyfriend?”

“No,” I responded, “I am not your boyfriend.”

“Why!?” whined the man, whom I had met about 2 minutes prior to this series of questioning.

Not having the energy to explain to him that I could not be his boyfriend, due to my anatomy if nothing else, I simply laughed and offered up a quick prayer that my phone would be finished soon and I could head on my way.

Finding me still trapped, he pushed a little farther.  “Are you marry me!?”



“Wow, that was fast.”


Despite his subtle persistence, I still was not swayed. Thankfully my phone was ready, so I bid them goodbye and started on my way.

“Think about it, ya?” he cried after me, tapping his temple to make sure he got his point across.

Thankfully, I have not yet reached that post-Christian-college MUST GET MARRIED NOW crazed state, so I think I may be able to resist him.  For now, at least.


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