SQOTD #5: Over the Hill

“How old are you, Miss Lauren?” a student inquired recently.

Now, I don’t get mistaken as a student anymore.  Last year, I was often stopped in the halls of Naperville North and asked for a pass.  While I was wearing a suit, heels, and a teacher’s badge.  What kind of student dresses like that, I have no idea.  I guess you have to be careful though.

This year, I:
1) Get to wear a set-me-apart teachers uniform,
2) Teach 7th and 8th graders, meaning that
3) I am taller than all but one of my students.

Regardless, I’m still on the younger side, or so I thought.

“How old do you think I am, [Student]?”


“WHAT!?  No, I’m not 40.  Try again.”


I guess I should’ve counted my blessings when I was mistaken for a sophomore.


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