SQOTD #6: Mature Relationships

One thing that I love about the English curriculum here is independent reading.

Each student picks a book that interests him, has me approve it, then reads it on his own time.  After completing the reading, he then has a book conference with me. We’ll talk about the characters, setting, theme, lessons, etc. I particularly enjoy these meetings because:

1) It’s great to watch/help the student process what they read on a deeper level
2) I love having one-on-one time with each student and being able to see their unique personality
3) Some of the things they say are absolutely hilarious.
(that’s the not mushy, teacher-y reason :))

In a recent conference, I asked a girl how old she thought the character depicted was.  She quickly responded that the protagonist was clearly a teenager.

“How do you know that she is a teenager?  What are the clues?” I asked.

“Well, in the book she is dating a boy and there’s a little bit of drama.  Adults don’t date – they only have mature relationships.”

Oh, if only you knew, sweetheart.


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