Things I Never Knew I Would Miss.

  1. Down escalators placed next to up escalators. This may sound silly, but they’re never together here! I’ll often get to the top level of a building, and have to wander around aimlessly to try to figure out how to get down.  I feel like a little kid that climbed a tree too high.
  2. Stopping at stoplights. As a teenager trying to make curfew, I never would’ve thought I would ever utter these words.  My parents had a “one day of grounding for every minute late” rule, and wasting precious minutes waiting at red stop lights on completely empty roads was one of the most painful things in the world.  Here, no one will stop – regardless of incoming traffic, people in the crosswalk, etc. – unless there is a policeman to make them!
  3. United Airlines. We’ve all done our fair share of complaining about any given airline.  Here is a simple two step rule to change your attitude: come to Indonesia, fly our airlines.
  4. Students speaking in the wrong language in class… and having it be English. I used to get so frustrated with my kids for speaking English in la clase de Español.  I have since learned to count my blessings – at least I could understand what they were saying!  When kids veer off here, I have no idea what’s going on.
  5. Subway. Really? Yes.  Good sandwiches are near impossible to come by here.
  6. No smoking laws. If I had known these were to be missed, I would’ve come prepared.  I am so thankful that the US is passing laws against smoking.  Meanwhile in Indonesia…
  7. Free refills at restaurants. When I worked at Buffalo Wild Wings, I would’ve given my left arm to never hear the phrase “Y’all got fray ray-fills on this ber-ray lem’nade!?” again.  This said, I have come to appreciate the concept.  Though it is that exact phrase, accompanied by the elevated shaking of ice in an empty glass, that ended my waitressing career.  Forever.
  8. SpanishLet’s be honest.  I knew I would miss this.  It’s going on the list anyway.  I often think to myself in Spanish.  That’s pathetic.  Maybe I will go back to my make-believe Latino boyfriend, José.  More or less pathetic?
  9. Sunshine. “BUT YOU LIVE ON THE EQUATOR,” you say. “THERE IS SO MUCH SUN THERE,” you say.  This is true.  But I am in school for all of it.  I miss sunshine.
  10. Reliable hair dyeIf you haven’t already laughed at my expense, click here.
  12. Chicago traffic. There were times that I almost got out of the car and finished the trip walking into downtown Chicago.  Jakarta traffic > Chicago traffic (That means more than, not better than, for those of you that were not blessed with my math genius).
  13. No texting during work rules. Or sleeping, for that matter.  Both of these make it difficult to get employees to help you.
  14. Forks. I know this sounds weird, but, while spoons are in abundance, you are rarely offered a fork with your meal here.
  15. Consistent toilet paperBecause really, is there any worse feeling than realizing too late that there’s no TP?

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