SQOTD #7: Replay My Massage

Language barriers are always entertaining.

Usually more so when you’re the one fluent in the language.

I’ve been on the embarrassing side of this my fair share of times, while learning Spanish.  When living in Costa Rica, I was trying to buy a beautiful dagger that the salesman had hand carved and painted.  I attempted to ask if it was made out of madera, or wood.  I accidentally questioned him as to whether or not his handicrafts were made from mierda – shit.


Today, my students were working on writing letters from the point of view of the character in our book.  I enjoy the assignment, because it’s a neat way for them to work on getting inside the head of the protagonist, to think a little bit deeper into the situation.

One of my students, who especially struggles with English, came up to check his verb conjugations with me.  He had hugely improved, and I was thrilled!

Until I got to the last line.

“Please replay my massage.”
[Please reply to my message.]

Although this is definitely not what he was trying to get across, I must say it’s phrase that I have often wanted to utilize.


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