Phuket, Thailand: Street Food

First of all, it’s poo-ket.  Just so we’re all clear.


To start off the (glorious) three-week Christmas vacation that I have been granted, I met a friend from home in Phuket, Thailand.  We’re spending some of our time here, and the rest of it on Phi Phi Island, about an hour and a half ferry ride off of the coast.

The first few days on Phuket (also an island, albeit larger) were made up of lots of time on the beach, sleeping in, a brilliant combination of American and Thai food, and much meandering through small shops searching for the perfect knock-off item.


Due to the influx of tourism, Phuket has all kinds of special treats to offer – Subway sandwiches, lemonade, and Dairy Queen, to name a few!

It’s funny how life away from the States has changed my traveling style.  Usually, I’m seeking out the new cultural and culinary experiences, trying to escape from all things American.  Now, I find myself rejoicing over a Subway sandwich.  Though this is apparently not permanent, since the urge is already subsiding, it has made me shake my head at myself!

Despite American cravings working against me – and the fact that the Thai street food vendors seem to think that we are involved in some elaborate game of hide n’ go seek – I’ve also been able to enjoy lots of delicious Thai food!  Thai food has always been a favorite of mine (shout out to my Phuket Thai friends in Spain – best restaurant ever!), and eating it in Thailand has been very fun 🙂

Image This is where we finally found some street vendors!



ImageSo far, this was my favorite dish! 


meat stand


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