Phi Phi Island| Beaches

In order to escape the rampant prostitution and obnoxious salesmen of Phuket, we boated to Koh Phi Phi for a few days.


Most of the Phi Phi Islands are beautiful limestone cliffs jutting out of the water, but Koh Phi Phi Don, where we stayed, is more livable.  It was first populated in the 1940’s by fishermen and later became a coconut plantation.  The entire island was decimated by the tsunami in 2004, but has since been restored and is now home to many dive shops, countless tourists, and an extremely chill atmosphere.


It reminds me a lot of Indonesia’s Gili Islands, as both have a friendly feel, no cars, lots of good food, and many different languages being thrown around.


And as the Gili Islands are my favorite part of Indonesia (so far), this is my favorite part of Thailand (so far).  It is absolutely beautiful here, everyone is so kind and helpful, and there is consistent banter back and forth with fellow travelers.


The first day in Phi Phi, we explored the island on foot, signed up for diving, and thoroughly enjoyed the beach.


The beaches here are pristine; white sand is met by turquoise water, and the area is guarded from the world by high, limestone cliffs on either side.


One of the signature pieces of Phi Phi is the long boat, which are both the most popular form of transportation around the island and a colorful addition to the coast line!  In the afternoon we witnessed an incredible rain storm, and took cover in a beachside restaurant to enjoy the view.


What a beautiful corner of the world this is!



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