Fire Dancing

Our first night on Koh Phi Phi, we headed down to the beach to see a fire dancing show.  There were 5 shows going on along the beach, but my favorites were at Woody’s Bar and Restaurant and Slinky’s Bar.


The dancers worked with long poles with fire on both sides and chains flaming at the ends.  They would spin them, throw and catch them, or throw them back and forth.  At one point we were shocked to see one participant throwing his ball and chain out to sea… until we realized that there was a man there to catch them and toss them back!



One of the craziest parts of the show was the small child performing – he couldn’t have been more than four years old!  He was actually quite talented, too.


After a while, the fire dancers lit a rope on fire and started a rather intense game of jump rope.  I got to try, too (Anna, you should be proud of me!).  After a round of tourists jumping, the professionals took over and started in on a game of double dutch.


The second chance for crowd involvement was a high stakes game of limbo.


The finale was a “ring of fire” through which we had the opportunity to jump… it felt a little Hunger Games-y, but was a fun experience!



If you ever make it to Phi Phi Island (which I recommend that you put high on your to-do list), you must make it to one of these shows!  They take place every night on the beach, and are a brilliant twist of Thai culture and island atmosphere.


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