An Overview of 2012

What a year it has been!  Here are some highlights:



Started my first solo teaching job at a beautiful high school, and LOVED it
Began my final semester of my Master’s program
Quit waitressing, once and for all



Committed to living and teaching in Indonesia
Attended my college’s first ever off campus ball 🙂
Sat court-side at my first Bulls game



Spent a wonderful weekend with my family in Chicago
Traveled to Colorado for an unforgettable Spring Break
Attended my senior banquet



Was introduced to the world of nannying by a precious little girl
Road-tripped home for Easter with my roommate for the last time for a long time
Saw FUN. perform live at a sold out show in Chicago with friends from home



Finished my Graduate classes and said goodbye to college life
Stocked up on Indians and Stallions games to counter my time with no baseball
Went skydiving!



Enjoyed a fabulous month at home with my family
Learned to box
Went on an epic tour of Washington D.C. with my dad and sister



Moved to the other side of the world
Began my first full-time teaching job
Met the wonderful people that I will be living life with for the next 2 years (at least!)



Went on the craziest and most fulfilling hike that I have ever been on
Survived the most thrilling fireworks show of my life
Became a PADI certified SCUBA diver


Discovered my hidden track coach and student council sponsor selves
Went on a fantastic retreat with the 7th grade class



Ate dog meat and bat wing
Earned my advanced SCUBA license and swam with sharks
Learned and performed a traditional Indonesian (impossible) dance



Journeyed to Jogjakarta and visited two incredible temples
Started feeling like I could get around with my new Indonesian vocabulary
Enjoyed many Thanksgiving dinners with my new “family” here 🙂


long boats

Lived through a sleep over with the entire 8th grade
Spent a week and a half in Phuket  and on Phi Phi Island with a friend from home

And to top it all off, I just met my wonderful family for two weeks of adventuring around Thailand, exploring Bangkok, Cha-am, and Chang Mai.

I feel like the luckiest girl alive!


2 thoughts on “An Overview of 2012

  1. Ilona Fender says:

    I agree! what a year. God is so good. to you. and through you! You are blessed and are a blessing! Great job encapsulating your year. not sure how you did that so well, but you did. Enjoy your time with the Fam! much love and good wishes for a year that tops this past one! love, Ilona

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