Hill Tribes and Dr. Seuss Gardens

I’ve already mentioned the beauty of Chiang Mai, but I just have to say it again.

The area is gorgeous, the weather was perfect.

I loved this place, and it was such a retreat for me from the hot weather, crowds, traffic, and constant attention of Indonesia.

One morning while there, we headed up into the hills to see the way that the tribes there lived.  I actually wasn’t that interested in the culture there, which was really strange for me – usually I’m a culture addict.

I realized, though, while contemplating, that it simply wasn’t out of the ordinary after my time in Indonesia.  Communities very similar to the one that we were visiting are not far from where I live.

Instead, I was focused on the incredible view as we drove up the mountain in the back of the pick up trucks and enjoyed time of the view from the summit.




We made the trip with some awesome girls who were on the World Race, a neat ministry that visits that sends missions trippers to 11 countries in 11 months.  I loved having the opportunity to talk with other believers about my age with the same love for traveling.

Side note:  Andrew lost a tooth to commemorate the event.


On the way down the mountain we stopped for lunch at a sweet restaurant that had a strawberry farm and to-die-for strawberry smoothies.



Despite a stressful ride with the world’s potentially most erratic driver, we made it back to our resort with enough time to explore the grounds a bit.  The owner had given his wife acres and acres of beautiful gardens for a birthday, and we were able to enjoy them as well!  We all felt like we were traipsing through a Dr. Seuss scene, surrounded by expertly shaped trees, bushes molded into animals, and serene lakes.





How blessed I feel to explore this beautiful part of the world, and with my family to boot!  It was hard to return to reality, though it’s a pretty good reality 🙂

Next stop: Penang, Malaysia, January 23rd!


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