Poetry [By 7th Graders]

We are currently in the midst of a poetry unit in grade 7 English.

In this moment of truth, I am going to expose myself as a bad English teacher:  I have never especially enjoyed poetry.  On top of that, most (all?) poetry that I have written in my lifetime has been in Spanish.  My enjoyment of English poetry, previous to this unit, went about as far as Dr. Seuss books*.

Having navigated our way through figurative language and haikus, we arrived this week in the land of limericks.  Another confession:  I looked through this stuff and was scared to teach it.  Limericks are 5 line poems that require rhymes and rhythm.  And the last line is supposed to be humorous.  A punchline.

Humor!?  This was the scary part for me:  I’m not a funny person.  I have no clue how to write a joke.

Working through limericks with my class** today, though, I had a great time.  As we practiced writing limericks together, there were many suggestions that had us rolling.  I’m not sure that studying Spanish, then becoming an English teacher, then learning to enjoy poetry is the normal path taken, but I eventually arrived at an appreciation for the subject.

And for my awesome students, who are now aspiring to mass-author a book of poetic insults.  Check out what they’ve got so far – I hope it brings you as much laughter as it did me. 🙂

*love Dr. Seuss.  We’re talking major obsession here.  If you have a child and said child has a bookshelf stocked with Dr. Seuss books, I will babysit for free.

**Class: this is my insane class (which I dearly love).  They have completely ridiculous requests on a regular basis.  Today it was a book of insulting poetry, Monday they wanted me to bring them all mac and cheese, and last week they wanted to all accompany me on my hypothetical date.


I was forced to watch Twilight today,
Destroy it, oh Lord, I pray
My eardrums exploded
My eyeballs imploded
At least I can’t hear it… hooray!

The Girl

I saw a girl just now
She looked familiar – but how?
She flipped her hair,
I had to stare
It was Justin Beiber.  Wow.

The Monster

It wore a dress of meat,
It’s face looked like its feet
I started to cry
I now know why
Lady Gaga’s the number one freak.


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