SQOTD #9: An Alternative Theory on Marriage

Basically all of my students are entertaining.

So are the people that I teach with.

I spend the majority of my time at school laughing (and crying from too much laughing)… not a bad job, if I do say so myself.

My one class especially, though, is infamous for getting off track.  It’s an intensive English class, numbering 7 if you include me in the count.  I often find myself simply shaking my head at their unexpected antics and ridiculous creative logic.

The following is a short excerpt from a random conversation today:

Student #1: “I like cats.”

Student #2: “I hate cats.”

Student #3: “Did you know that cats can make a girl not pregnant?”

Me: “….No?”

Student #1: “Oh!  THAT’S why old people with cats never have children!

Student #4: “It’s like they married their cats.”

Me: “Did you just say that they marry their cats?”


Student #1: “What!?”

Student #5: “Yeah… it was a strange obsession.”


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