SQOTD #11: “I Never Should’ve Dated Her”


I’m sorry it’s been such a long unexpected hiatus.

This has been a full month, and the insanity is only continuing!

Let me catch you up a bit! In the past two weeks, I…

Jetted to Cambodia for a whirlwind long weekend.
Spent ten days back in Indonesia finishing grades for the quarter.
Passed two of those days at (awesome) Professional Development in Jakarta.
Took my class for community service in a neighboring village.
Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at an Indonesian Irish Pub.

It’s been crazy, but good crazy.

Tomorrow, I leave for Japan to spend a week with my family there.
I’m pretty psyched out of my mind 🙂


Of course, even a week and a half with my students/personal comedy show afforded me some entertainment.

One of my favorites was on Tuesday, our last day of ESL for the quarter.  We had just finished the book that we were reading, and took the last class period to celebrate by playing some of our favorite English-centered games.

The students love playing (a much less inappropriate, grammatically simplified version of) Never-Have-I-Ever.  It’s an engaging way to study the present perfect, and is usually the first game requested.

Here are the basic rules:  You hold ten fingers up, and take turns saying things that you have never done.  If another player has done that thing, they must put a finger down.  The last player with fingers left wins.

Soon into the game, a female student offered, “I have never dated anyone.”

One of the boys clarified, “Does it count if I dated her in second grade?”

We agreed that it still counted, and, resigned to his fate, he begrudgingly put his first finger down, leaving him with only nine.

He lost fingers the next few rounds, too, and grew increasingly frustrated.

When he was down to six, he collapsed his hands and head onto the table, lamenting, “I never should have dated her!”

I, on the other hand, was quite pleased.  I quickly added this to my repertoire of ways to convince my middle schoolers that they shouldn’t be dating so early.


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