SQOTD #12: Women and Refrigerators

On a recent test, my students explored posters from a Dove Campaign that focused on the idea of true beauty.  The questions guided them through interpreting the ads, then, continuing, asked them what they thought was beautiful.

One of my 7th grade boys put his advice especially eloquently.  I can’t say it any better, so I’ll just leave the idea here for you all to benefit from.

“What matters for beauty for me is the inside.  Think about it this way: would you prefer a good looking fridge with bad food in it, or a bad looking fridge with your favorite food, snacks, and drinks.  This is how I feel about women and what matters is in the inside.”


4 thoughts on “SQOTD #12: Women and Refrigerators

  1. Kathleen Hall says:

    I’m sharing this with my teen afterschool group at the high school! Several question their worth/value because of our culture’s focus on the external. From the words of a young teen across the ocean to American teens . . . .

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