Japan: The Epic Tour [Part 2]

Too many exciting things to fit in one post!  You can check out the first half of the fun here, but the epicness is about to continue.

Mt. Fuji
What a beautiful place!  I simply could not take in the magnificence of this mountain.  Look at the pictures here!

Playing Dress Up
Getting to try on kimonos and real life samurai armor was one of my favorite experiences of this trip.  Here’s a teaser, but you can see more here.


Tokyo Station
On one of our final days, we popped up into Chiyoda through this beautiful train station.  Here, we had access to the Impreial Palace, the Ginza shopping district, and pretty parks.



The Imperial Palace
This was one of my favorite locations visited.  The serenity of the palace in the middle of the city, surrounding by skyscrapers, was beautiful.  Japan has the longest lasting ruling family, going back over 2,000 years!
Ginza Shopping District
This area is the 5th avenue of Tokyo, a street full of shops of all kinds and thousands of people meandering through.  Most of the stores were only window-shopping suitable, but they did have my Japanese favorite: Uniqlo!
Tokyo Skytree
As the tallest tower in the world, at 2,080 feet, Tokyo Skytree is an impressive facet of the Tokyo skyline.  It just opened to people going up to the observation decks last spring, and the view is absolutely breathtaking!  Tokyo goes on forever.
Hiking Mount Takao
Mount Takao is sometimes known as “Tokyo’s Mountain”: it’s near the city, a nice hike accessible from the trains of the city.  On clear days, you can see the city skyline from the top.  We had an absolutely beautiful hike!
Such an unbelievable trip!

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