30 Hour Famine

Back in January, I posted a bit about my experience at Remember Nhu, a beautiful organization fighting the sale of children into the sex slave trade.

This topic is something that God has put on my heart throughout the past few years, and living here in Indonesia it has become even more real.

The area that I live in is amongst the top providers for children in the sex slave trade in Indonesia.  And no one knows about it.  And I haven’t lived as if I know about it.  While 4-year-olds that live mere miles from my apartment are being sold into this awful trade, I’m sitting at home and living my happy little life.  While 12-year-olds are being kidnapped, my 12-year-old students and I are happily laughing and studying English.

It’s pretty messed up, and I’m the first to admit that I am right there not doing enough.

It has been unbelievable, though, how God has just started putting pieces in place to work through us to do something about it!

At the beginning of the year, students* came and asked me to be the teacher-supervisor of the Social Outreach Committee.  Having absolutely no clue what this faction of the student council was, I of course agreed.  Little did I know at the time that this was entirely God-given.  Throughout the year, I have realized that this committee is in charge of an uncanny amount of things that I am super passionate about!

Most recently, they put on an event called the 30 Hour Famine.  It is a world-wide event, during which students raise fast for 30 hours and raise money for a cause.  Traditionally, the money goes to help fight hunger.  My students decided that they were going to give the money to combat the sex slave trade.  When I asked Remember Nhu what project we could give toward, they suggested starting a home here, in Indonesia!

So, in an effort to protect kids their age in their country, our students rose to the challenge in an incredible way.  Over 100 students signed up, and more than 15 teachers volunteered to help.  The kids raised almost three times their financial goal.

I was blown away.

By the students, but more by God and his sovereignty and the incredible way in which he had worked things out.

What was even more incredible than the turn out of the event, though, was the change and conviction that are so clear in the students.  Multiple students have come up to us since the event, inquiring about how they can help, how they can pray, what they can do next.  Seeing them step outside of themselves, many of them just in 7th grade, and be so passionate about helping others has been beautiful.

I am partially sharing this story with you because I am so excited about it and just couldn’t keep quiet 🙂  I want to ask you to join with us, too, though – would you pray with us for this?

We would love it if you would pray that the students would remain passionate about helping others and spreading God’s love, and for the process of trying to start something here that can reach out to the children who are the victims of these crimes.

Thank you!

*These students were complete strangers to me.  They were taller than I, which means that they had ventured over from the far-off 9-12th grade side of the school, but I to this day have no clue who they were.


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