Student Quote of the Day #13: Growing Up

The new school year is under way, and I have a whole new group of absolutely hilarious students.  I don’t go a day without laughing!

So, blogging world, gear up with me for more student quotes!  I wish that you could be here to experience these students with me, as I definitely can’t do their comments, faces, and actions justice, but I will do my best to share with you the best moments.

At SPH we have homeroom time every morning.  Along with my homeroom partner, I have a group of 20 kids that come to my classroom first thing every morning.

One of the main goals of the homeroom is to create community and provide emotional support for our students.  I’m on the 7th grade team, so my kids are just starting in the senior school.

The first day of school, we had extended time with our homeroom kids in the morning and an additional meeting at the end of the day.  In between they went to a 20 minute version of each class, an assembly, and a grade level competition where they cheered their hearts out.

As we gathered back together at the end of the day, we asked our kids what was great, what was hard, and what was different than it was in junior school.

One boy in the front row raised his hand, and offered:

“My voice changed today.”

He was trying to refer to all of his cheering, but I lost it when my homeroom partner immediately came back with a sympathetic nod and:

“That’s what happens when you get to senior school.”

I’m so excited for the year with these kids!


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