SQOTD #14: Women

My friend Patrick and I co-teach two classes, one 7th grade and one 8th grade.  These classes are specially catered for students who are newer to English and could use some extra guidance.  Having two teacher allows for more personalized instruction, but friends teaching together is also the recipe for a good bit of fun and laughter.

Often at my expense.

Today our warmup activity reflected on a quote by Gandhi: “You must become the change you wish to see.”

The students in this class, being a bit less confident in their English, are not always as eager to participate as some of my other classes.  With some guidance, though, we entered into a good discussion.  One student brought up that sometimes we can lead people to change things in negative ways.

It was a great point, but not everyone fully internalized it the first time through.  Patrick, seeking to illustrate the peer pressure involved with an example, took advantage of the ridiculous traffic patterns (and lack of patterns) in our city.

“Miss Lauren drives pretty crazily on her motorbike here … why do you think she might do that?”

A lanky, bright boy raised his hand quickly and confidently, and we called on him, expecting a deep answer.

“Because she’s a woman.”

Of all the things to be cross cultural.


2 thoughts on “SQOTD #14: Women

  1. peglovesjesus says:

    Too funny! I just shared this on the Grace Women’s Ministry fb page. Thought “women” would appreciate the joke. 🙂

    I love your blog, Lauren!

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