Recently, I have been especially thankful for the community that I have here.  Indonesia is very far from home, but I have been blessed with some pretty incredible people to do life with here!

Most recently, we had a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.  32 people squeezed into my neighbor’s apartment, hailing from six different countries and bringing all kinds of comforting Thanksgiving-y food.  Though I missed my family for the holiday, it was so special having people to celebrate with and laugh with and simply enjoy the night with.*



Additionally, I am hugely thankful for technology.  For the majority of my time here, I’ve been able to simply pick up the phone and call my family.  Skype and FaceTime have allowed me to see them and “be a part” of things.


Living abroad now is definitely different for me than it was for many who came before me! I am so thankful for every one of you from home that prays for me, reads my blog, or keeps me otherwise connected to little pieces of home!

Have a beautiful Christmas season!

*Not being home was made slightly more okay by the fact that my family had no mashed potatoes… what!?


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