How We See People

All year, my homeroom from last year has been begging to have a reunion.  I told them that we could if they planned it, and they readily agreed.  They informed me that “7.2 last year was the best” because “everyone was in it.”

This is funny, because at the beginning of last year they complained that “none of their friends were in their homeroom” and “there was no one in it”.

I laughed at them inwardly, but appreciated the clarity of the lesson.  As they talked about last year, they talked about how no one judged anyone else, and you could be yourself.  I love what they learned, whether they realized it or not.  First, that the important thing is the ability to be yourself, not how cool or pretty or whatever else you think a person is. Secondly, that if you give people a chance, you’ll often end up really liking them.

We tossed around a whole bunch of ideas, but landed on just going to my apartment to hang out and eat Bon Chon*.  22 out of the 23 kids still living in Indonesia made it.  They came to me the week before, asking excitedly if they could invite the students in their grade that were new to SPH this year.  “We just know that they would’ve been part of 7.2!  They fit perfectly!”



It was a relaxed but fun time.  It’s amazing how much they’ve grown up in just one year, including many of them growing to be taller than me!  Below is a picture from the beginning of last year, then a picture of our reunion.  This is my first group of students that I had for a whole year, and it was great to reconnect as a homeroom 🙂



*The closest thing you can get to Chick-Fil-A here.  And they’re just as obsessed with it as Americans are with Chick-Fil-A!


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