2013 in Review

Last December, I took a look back at the year that had just passed and everything that had happened.  It was quite the year!  It amazed me, looking at it all together, everything that had gone on and some of the crazy life changes and incredible opportunities that I had embarked on.

So here we are again..

2013 in Review!



Opened the year in Thailand with my family
Rode an elephant!
Went to Medan, Indonesia and Penang, Malaysia for a long weekend



Hosted Junior Unity Cup with the Student Council
Went “camping” with the grade 7 students in Suka Bumi
Repelled down water falls and completed a high ropes course



Went on a crazy bike tour through Cambodia and to Angkor Wat
Spent an absolutely wonderful spring break with my Japan family (including cherry blossoms in full bloom and Mt. Fuji!)

I have thought and thought and determined that nothing of note happened in April! 



Ventured home for my best friend, Mandi’s, wedding!
30 Hour Famine
Took a trip to Jogjakarta to see a lantern festival, but it rained so there were no lanterns 😦



Students at my school put on the incredible Be brave and shave event
Friendship Day with the student council
Returned to Thailand for a week
Spent a long layover in Ethiopia
Headed back to America for the summer



Spent lots of great time with my family
Road tripped from Tulsa to Cleveland
Headed back to Indonesia
Started year 2 of teaching!



Went to Vietnam and cruised through Halong Bay
Met a wonderful new group of students
Had a great week hosting Bekah, a friend from home



My mom and dad came to visit me in Indonesia
Hung out at Support Staff Appreciation Day with the SOC
Got my track coach on at the Jakarta meet



Took a Friday off from classes for Athletics Day
Judged a student sate-cooking challenge
Spent ten days in Sri Lanka during which we went on a safarimodeled saris, and climbed a tall mountain



Bought a DSLR camera!
Celebrated Thanksgiving with the wonderful “family” I’ve made here
Began the Community and Service program with my awesome homeroom
Watched my student council kids initiate a beautiful new Hospital Visits program
Took three days from school for a grade 7 retreat



Enjoyed a homeroom reunion with my kids from last year
Dressed up for Outsiders Day with our 8th grade English students
Celebrated Christmas with so, so many wonderful people
Spent a day in China
Ended the year fulfilling my life-long dream of visiting New Zealand (and went black water rafting!)

It has been a wonderful year!


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