Ubud, Bali: Markets and Mayhem

In addition to the monkey forest and our bike tour, we did a whole lot of shopping and resting.  One of the best parts about vacationing in Indonesia is that an hour-long massage is cheaper than a fast food combo meal.

Our final morning in Ubud, we woke up early to take motorbikes through the hills and rice fields.  It was beautiful!





I went to Bali aiming to add a lot of Indonesian decor to my home, and was quite successful!  I’m especially excited about my new impressionist boat painting.  I was almost equally excited that I was able to find rambutan (mamones chinos, in Costa Rica), a spiky red fruit that I love!





Sunday afternoon, we were scheduled to fly out around 3:30 Jakarta time – plenty of time to get home and settle in before starting work the next day.  Also plenty of time to wait around for the expected delays and inefficiency that accompany pretty much everything one attempts to do in Indonesia.

What we were not prepared for, though, was our airline disappearing.**  Poof.  No one had shown up to work at any airport in Indonesia, nor answered any phone, for four days.  No one bothered to notify passengers; the airline still had no plan to help stranded customers.*  What’s more, there were no tickets back to Jakarta available on any airline that day or most of the next.

So, frustrated, we called our principal and told him that the five of us would not be able to make work the following day – probably not a great day at a school that doesn’t hire outside substitutes.

Though I honestly would’ve preferred to have been at work (I know, I know – Bali isn’t the worst place to be stuck), we made the most of our final day.  Namely, we were able to watch the Superbowl live!



I’m thankful to have finally made it back!  I arrived at my homeroom on Tuesday only to find out that my life had become exponentially more interesting while I was gone.  My homeroom informed me that my homeroom partner had told them that I had run off with a Balinese man I fell in love with (kudos, this was an impressive move).  They also added: DON’T WORRY, WE DIDN’T BELIEVE HIM! 🙂

*The longer I live abroad, the more I appreciate the good ole’ US of A.

**Just in case they ever reappear – which I highly doubt, since that would mean refunding our money – don’t EVER fly 


3 thoughts on “Ubud, Bali: Markets and Mayhem

  1. Flight delays I’ve heard of, but an entire airline disappearing overnight?! Madness! Bali is a gorgeous place, with a very spiritual heart and lovely people – there are worse places to be stranded in! Oh and you’ll find rambutan all over South East Asia – including my home country, Malaysia!

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