Kalimantan: Dayak Village

When I was younger, I read and heard stories of the Dayak people, an Indonesian people group living in the jungle of Kalimantan.  One unexpected, but exciting, visit during our time in Kalimantan was to a Dayak village.  Because the village was nearer the town and tourists than most, it was definitely more Western than the more traditional dwellings.  That said, though, having the opportunity to spend time among the Dayak people was really fun.  Reading about things or people and then seeing them is my favorite!

Our guide was half Dayak, and had a really fascinating story.  His father lived in a jungle that was 6 hours by speed boat into the jungle and worked as a hunter.  When he ventured into the village to sell meet one day, he met his wife-to-be, a Malaysian economist studying the Dayak people.  They fell in love, and he whisked her away to the jungle. She fell in love with the jungle and the village life, but he decided that their children needed an education, and the family moved into town when our guide was 5 years old.  He went on for a university degree, and speaks 7 languages!



“A hut for children to gather and play”






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