SQOTD #15: School Technology

It’s always funny to me the things that students pick up on.  More than once they have informed me of my habits of which I was previously unaware.

Recently, though, they caught onto something of which I (and probably the majority of teachers) am completely aware.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the school that I am currently working at, and we’ve been working on loading a new time capsule that will be opened in ten years.

My kids were working on notes to themselves during our homeroom time, and we were all chatting as we worked.  In regards to the USB with video interviews that we were including in our shoebox, one girl remarked that, “In 10 years, we probably won’t even be able to use USBs!”

One of my boys, still working, nonchalantly responded, “Don’t worry.  The school will still have the same old computers.  We can just use it here.”

Made my day!


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