SQOTD #16: An Erotic Racket

This is not the first time – nor will it be the last time – that I find teaching ESL students more than mildly entertaining.

Today during our lunch hour, I had about 25 kids hanging out in my room.  They’ve taken to this recently, and I love it.  A group of students kicks around a soccer ball on the far side of the room.  Another cluster huddles around a few guitars, singing.  Others spread out chatting, laughing, studying.

It’s loud. And I love it.

One of my students came to talk to me in the midst of all of this, and questioned if “this is how it always is at lunch?”

“Yes, it tends to be this way,” I replied.  “They sure make a racket, don’t they?”

He agreed, “Ya…but it’s probably good that they’re erotic at lunch, because that way they can focus during class.”

An important note on the English language:
A racket ≠ Erotic


2 thoughts on “SQOTD #16: An Erotic Racket

  1. Linda Chae says:

    OK, the memo line got me to read this one!  Too funny!  BTW, I had 3 brothers in my SS class Sunday night who attend a Christian school in Clearwater, FL.  I didn’t get the school’s name unfortunately.

    See you soon stateside, Linda


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