Back to (Peruvian) School

After only a few weeks out of school, we returned to the classroom to teach assemblies in the secondary and elementary schools in Iquitos. Our kids led worship, shared their testimonies, and gave lessons about the Bible.



The first day that we were in the schools the kids were working with older children, and the following day we ministered in an elementary school. With the younger children, we did very dramatic renditions of Noah’s Ark and David and Goliath – they were quiet entertaining!


schools kids 3

thumb wars

It was really fun to see different student find their own little corners of ministry in which they excelled. Whether it be in crafts, face painting, soccer, guitar, puppets, or throwing kids around, they did a great job finding out where they fit in and could make a difference.

schools kids 1

schools kids 2

schools kids 4

Also, we got to hold sloths and monkeys and snakes. So that was pretty cool ☺




snakes 2


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