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There are many more “normal” things that I could tell you about myself, but the really important thing here is that I love to travel.  I will (and want to) go anywhere and everywhere.   This said, I’m not a fancy hotels and restaurants kind of traveler.  I prefer to delve into the culture, to reside among the people of the county, to learn pieces of the language, to eat at the hole-in-the-wall places that locals eat at or to sit in a park and people watch.  My goal coming away from a country is that I can say that at least part of who I am was changed by the culture that I spent time in, that I learned a lesson from the people of that country.

Most recently, I have relocated from Chicago to Indonesia.  I’m living here as an English and ESL teacher at an International School, and doing my best to maximize my weekends, exploring Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Here, I hope I can share with you some of the rich culture, the fascinating people, the beautiful pictures, the inspiring lessons, and the endless stories that one gains from traveling.


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Judy Rabne says:

    Hi Lauren! So good to read about your adventures! I so enjoyed getting to know you a little bit this summer. I want to follow your blog and keep up with your news.

    • Hi Judy!! Thanks so much for your message! I’ve been trying to send you a letter FOREVER (I could write several blog entries about the Indonesian postal service!), and finally got it in the mail! It’s unbelievably late, but hopefully it will arrive soon!

  2. Judy Rabne says:

    Hi! How great to hear from you! We just talked about you last night at Making Peace. We had a couple of weeks off–church picnic, Labor Day–so we still have one more week of class. It has been so wonderful. Our group is down to seven, and one of those (Lynn) is having surgery next week, so we may not see her again. What is your school like there? I taught ESL for 5 years at The Chapel, so I understand the challenges. I loved doing it. And I know I learned as much as the students did. I’ll be reading your blog.

  3. I lived in Indonesia and Malaysia for a number of years, and you can truly make some wonderful connections and friends if you just take the time to interact with people. Have you learned Bahasa Indonesia yet? 🙂

    • Hi Traci! So neat to hear from someone else who has lived here! I have learned enough Bahasa to get around and joke with people – I really am enjoying the people here, even in the small interactions! Thanks for stopping by, I’d love to hear any advice that you have on living in this part of the world!

  4. Ratu Patricia says:

    Selamat Malam Lauren! I don’t know if you remember me….but I am known among your parents and grandparents as simply “P” – the Indonesian student that came to know the Lord many years ago at Grace Church. I am married to a Clevelander Ohio, die heart Cleveland Browns fan who grew up in Parma Hts and loves God. We just recently moved to Bangkok, Thailand with the State Dept to be here for 2 years. Well…it’s good to stumble to your blog and to hear how you are enjoying Indonesia. I am also glad to hear that your first holiday away has been a blessed one with all your 20 something friends. God is good! As I write you, I think of my daughters who are spending their first holiday away from their parents. Kind of the other way around…since it’s us that is away from U.S 🙂 . Anyway, I see that you have already visited Thailand, but know that if you ever like to visit it again…you are more than welcome to come and stay with us. In the meantime, enjoy the country! I hope to visit Jakarta next month to visit with my family….
    Selamat Hari Natal!
    Ratu Patricia Schaffner

    • Hi Ratu! Good to hear from you! I hope you’re enjoying Thailand – southeast Asia definitely has better weather than Cleveland 🙂 I so appreciate your invitation to Thailand, and if you have extra time to meet up for coffee or something while you’re in Jakarta let me know! Selamat Hari Natal 🙂

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